The marketing environment has evolved rapidly in just a few short years. With the explosion of contact channels, you can connect with customers in many new ways and at a more personal level than ever before. Successful marketing is underpinned by your ability to communicate in a way which connects with each individual customer.


Therein lies the challenge. How do you create a single view of your customers? How do you choose appropriate, relevant and engaging messaging and communicate with people in the way they want to be communicated with? How do you integrate all your messages and all channels to make consistent knowledge based decisions? How do you improve response rates? And once you have bedded these challenges down, how do you consistently interact with customers across the multitude of channels available?

Using the P:Cubed Multichannel Marketing Manager (M3) solution, you can reach each of your customers individually with a relevant and unique message - every time you interact with them. Through integrated customer engagement M3 helps you to: know your customer better, improve customer experience and loyalty, reduce churn, increase profits and ROI, improve conversion rates, save time, reduce risk and increase reporting capabilities.

M3 brings together all of your customer information from digital, social, and traditional marketing channels into one unified platform. In addition, M3 caters for customised segmentation on your customer base to incorporate within your campaign selection. As a result you can plan, design, and execute highly personalised and interactive marketing campaigns. Underlying M3 is a proprietary database technology that affords the solution unparalleled speed and ease of data manipulation and assessment.

Benefits of M3 include:

  • Improves marketing effectiveness by achieving superior response rates through advanced targeting. M2 segments your customers and improves engagement with them and identifies hold out groups to test the impact of your engagement
  • Delivers powerful campaigns that resonate with your customers by realising your potential marketing creativity with a fast and flexible tool that enables train of thought analysis. M3 also tracks whether the message you sent was read and the response rates of customers
  • Builds meaningful integrated campaigns by creating marketing engagements and interactive dialogue that make sense to your customers and by building unique messaging paths to take customers on your communication journey
  • Enables more flexible reporting by creating insights and management information quickly and easily on a fast unified platform. Automated reports are designed that fit your organisation needs and requirements. Immediate on-the-fly reports makes the assessment campaign output and performance easy
  • Saves time with systemised processes by automating and standardising integrated marketing processes which in turn, ensures focus on strategy
  • Improves control and visibility by facilitating action ‘on-the-ground’ with improved control and oversight of all marketing activities

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