Relevant, reliable and timely information is vital to making informed decisions about risk business, operations and future strategic decisions. The ability to obtain relevant information can ensure a rapid response to ever changing customer requirements and fast-moving economic uncertainty.

The Business Intelligence (BI) Services provided by P:Cubed allow you to build, execute, retrieve/view and distribute automated reports that allow you to make decisions that are driven out of your own customers’ behaviour and data within your programme. With our services, you can take control of organisational performance and changing market dynamics.

Our entire suite of BI services are custom tailored to each of our clients’ specific information requirements, and typically include:

  • Industry reporting at customer and account level
  • Industry risk benchmarking
  • Central response tracking database reporting
  • Direct channel performance reporting
  • Customer ‘share-of-wallet’ reporting

How it works?

The analytical databases that support our clients’ solutions are delivered through online OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cubes or multidimensional datasets, and are accessible to authenticated users over the Internet.  We deliver interactive cubes and pre-defined reports that allow for the online ‘slicing and dicing’ of any of the pre-defined data fields.

In addition to our online OLAP cube functionality, P:Cubed also offers custom HTML reporting services. Custom reports are developed and automated in line with your requirements and are delivered by email daily, weekly or monthly as required.

Benefits of P:Cubed’s BI Services include providing you with the ability to conduct:

  • Open Market Acquisition and Prospect pool opportunity tracking
  • Portfolio management strategy tracking
  • Existing customer growth strategy tracking
  • Management of the contact strategy
  • Live contact centre campaign management performance and tracking
  • Credit policy tracking

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