In an economic environment where marketers must do more with less, P:Cubed helps you to maximise your marketing ROI by enriching your data assets and analysing your  data to deliver insightful results.


Customer interactions are often based on specific triggers in your own or externally enriched data. Through the application of our unique technology, infrastructure and external pool of data enrichment sources we can process your entire customer base to enrich the contactability of your customers, determine unique customer-level offers, communication opportunities and other strategic interactions.

P:Cubed currently manage operations of this nature for clients with a wide range of customer databases - from as low as 30,000 up to 10,000,000+ customers. With access to both credit and non-credit related data sources, P:Cubed assist you in formulating a clear view of your existing customer portfolio and also identify the size of the open market growth opportunity.

Our Large-Scale Data Enrichment and Processing service facilitate reducing incomplete or inaccurate data and poor targeting through:

  • Consolidation and standardisation of all your data
  • Automated feeds of new data and updates to existing data
  • Data correction and enhancement
  • Contactability optimisation
  • Robust analysis and insight
  • Consistent reporting and measurement

Further services provided by P:Cubed to assist with data enrichment include Contactability Enhancement/Updates and Transaction Merchant Matching & Categorisation.



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