Transactional data stored within financial and retail organisations provides a wealth of information on the needs/wants of customers and their spending behaviour. By consolidating this information into a single source, the wealth of knowledge about your customers can be easily accessed for analysis and reporting and help to drive strategic business growth initiatives.


In addition, market competition and the drive for increased share of customer wallet is driving financial and retail organisations towards a customer-centric approach. Analysis of transactional spend behaviour provides details about what your customers want, their interaction with your organisation, transaction history, as well as their channel preferences. Discovering patterns of behaviour allows you to formulate customer-centric strategic initiatives for instant growth and ROI.

P:Cubed’s Transactional Database Warehousing service enriches your customer transactional information with a number of external data sources, including credit bureau history, deeds office data and census information. P:Cubed’s Transactional Data Warehousing service includes a secure safe harbour and fast access line to your data, which allows you to access transactional data in real-time without the burden of legacy systems or red-tape. Due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of the information, we adhere to the strictest of data governance regulations and provide a secure environment to host and manage your data.

Reporting on the transactional behaviour is now also simplified with our BI and MIS reporting toolkit, with automated reports and analytical cubes delivered consistently from a single source.

Benefits of Transactional Database Warehousing include:

  • Increase marketing ROI by improving customer adoption, and cross-selling/up-selling effectiveness
  • Maintain data history, even if the source transaction systems do not
  • Integrate data from multiple source systems, enabling a central view across the enterprise
  • Improve visibility and decision-making capabilities
  • Quick response to complex queries of current and historical data
  • Spend marketing budgets more effectively by sending appropriate offers to customers at the right point in their purchasing lifecycles
  • Enhance customer loyalty to company and products through service and customer differentiation
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce the marketing spend on probable low-value customers

Transactional Database Warehousing delivers business intelligence via:

  • Dashboards and BI/MIS Reports - continuously updated snapshots and trends of key performance indicators and other metrics of interest, delivered securely from a single source
  • Interactive Business Intelligence - the capability to conduct analysis of customer behaviour by segmenting and “slicing and dicing” accumulated customer data by key dimensions such as time, product, channel, geography and demographics
  • Pattern Detection and Recognition - automated detection and recognition of customer behaviour patterns that indicate opportunities for special action, such as customers with high attrition risk or those likely to respond to an up-sell or cross-sell offer

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